Annual Contract

If a school wishes to engage in a repeating Annual Contract with me, I will visit the school, view the workshops and equipment and compile an Annual Safety review report on the fabric of the department and the qualifications of the teachers in the light of their teaching responsibilities.

This report will make recommendations about any improvements I consider to be needed in terms of Machinery, Rooms, Equipment and Teacher training. Such a report should be valuable to the. HoD, particularly if OFSTED is expected. It also may be useful in discussions about suitable INSET with senior management.

In the course of the inspection day I will, where possible offer some training to teachers within the school, depending on the needs and time available. (See page headed "Training").

For schools in East Kent my fee for this service is £300. I am happy to offer this service to schools further away. If the school is more than 100 miles from Canterbury, then the fee will certainly include an extra amount for travelling. Please e-mail for details.