Feedback -D&TA PICs course

Thank you again Graham for this excellent introduction to PICS.
It took me from zero knowledge to being confident to present the example project to some of year 9 students, probably in the form of a taster electronics club.
Very good resources and tea were provided throughout the day with a lovely lunch to break the practical sessions.
I would recommend this course to those beginning their electronics knowledge in PICS
Kind regards
CL of D&T
X Community College

Regarding the training course on PCBs and PICS at The Kings School, I would like to highlight that:
· Our tutor was very helpful, knowledgeable and clear in his explanations.
· The organization of the course was very good, with an emphasis on practical work.
· Having little previous knowledge about the topic I was able to follow the instructions and to complete the product.
· At the end of the day I left feeling that we did a lot, and that it was absolutely worth attending the course.
· The resources we’ve got with the course are very good and useful.
Kind regards,
Y High School