SSC car - Rules - Downloads

For complete RULES see download at bottom of page

1. The vehicle must have a laser cut 4mm ply chassis designed by competitors.
2. The vehicle must have a vacuum formed body designed & made in school.
3. Maximum vehicle body size is 400x200x50mm (+ vertical projection of motor saddle + release loop)
4. Average Track must be >100mm
5. LiPo Battery-2200mAh min 25xC rating = 100mmx35mmx22mm (+wires and connectors)
6. ESC (electronic speed control w/battery eliminator) = 60mmx35mmx13mm (+wires and connectors)
7. Power Switch (min25A) = 30mmx20mmx16mm + 13mm diameter screw fixing
8. R/C receiver = 50mmx35mmx20mm (+ wires and aerial)
9. The vehicle must have a Release Loop (see full Rules).
10. The vehicle wheels must be made in school. (Acrylic recommended).